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text updated June 2019

In 2002 the idea to quickly build student homes in Amsterdam from used shipping containers was born. No factory could supply this so we set up a dedicated production line to completely prefabricate the homes for this project.


Living in shipping containers that meet all regulations for European standards: no one had seen that before! And on this scale!

After 3 years of engineering, designing and preparing, the city of Amsterdam purchased this 1000 container home project and was the first city world wide to adopt this unique concept. Well, the initial plan was to keep this project on this location only for 5 years, but it was extended until end of 2019. Although the containerhomes have a life span of at least 40 years (and why not longer ... the basic steel structure is extremely sturdy and non corrosive), the current location of the "Keetwonen" project must be vacated to make place for many new homes in the city of Amsterdam, that faces a significant housing shortage (www.bajeskwartier.nl).


For long, the Keetwonen project was almost the most popular place for students to go to in Amsterdam: the containers are very nice to live in, spacious (28 m2!), the rent was low and living on a large campus makes you feel at home quickly.


So the project will now be dismantled and that will take place in two phases.


The first 249 homes (building A and B) have been removed and rebuilt in the city of Groningen (link).

The remaining 751 homes  (building C to F)  will stay in use and will be vacated beginning October 31, 2019. together with the 2 office buildings, supermarket and café. 

This is in fact a unique opportunity to purchase apartment blocks of well maintained homes for a fraction of the normal price and they can be relocated quickly to anywhere in the world, in a very short time. If you are interested, contact us by email (see contact form)

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